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Board advisory

Although almost every item on the board agenda is in some way a people issue, this is not always how boards see it. Many of the issues which do or – frankly – should keep the board awake at night fail to get the airing they ought. Equally, many of the best boards are those that invest time and effort in anticipating the key people issues they may have to address.

We aim to support that process.


Our board advisory services are drawn from best practice across a range of industries and offer boards a real competitive advantage in three main areas:

  • Helping boards develop by delivering the tools, resources and intelligence to enable them to provide robust and sustainable strategic leadership

  • Providing on-hand expertise to bolster a board’s ability to respond to special situations

  • Providing longer-term development and training consultancy to increase the impact of boards, management teams and individual directors


To each of these we bring our particular mix of senior level access and credibility; intellectual robustness; and complete discretion.


Examples of our board advisory services include:

  • strategic reviews

  • corporate governance audits and practice improvement consultancy

  • board effectiveness reviews, board development and chair/director training

  • management assessments

  • succession planning

  • risk assessment and contingency planning

  • board reputation management

  • M&A services: investor strategies, cultural audits, value retention planning, post-merger integration

  • IPO services: board composition planning, governance implementation

  • board communications planning and training

  • compensation services: salary data, incentive planning

  • career transition advice and coaching

"... very helpful for us now to have a clear, sensible framework in place, especially when there have been so many changes in the corporate governance landscape."

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