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Board advisory - illustrative assignments

UK leisure industry trade association

Undertook a root-and-branch strategic review on behalf of the board, including a stakeholder perception audit, presentation of new strategic options and development of a next-steps plan. Subsequently retained as a strategic advisor to the board during the transition to new executive and non-executive leadership.

Membership body for the trade association sector, delivering networking, benchmarking and best practice resources to members

In order to address questions of relevance and member engagement, supported the chairman in devising an organisational and strategy review exercise. We then completed this stage of the process by designing and facilitating a one-day workshop, attended primarily by chief executives of member organisations, which produced a revised vision and strategy for the executive team to own and develop.

Member-based research and information-sharing organisation focused on performance improvement

Following a period of some financial and operational challenge, worked with the newly-appointed chief executive to engage current board members, the senior management team and key stakeholders who were not represented on the board. This brought together an influential group of thought-leaders and industry figures for a comprehensive strategy development and business/resource planning exercise facilitated by us.

Chartered professional body – financial and professional services

Conducted interviews and original research, reviewed specialist consultancy benchmark data and reported to the executive committee of the board on the remuneration of the Chief Executive and senior executive team and whether the organisation was achieving its overall reward strategy in a competitive market.

UK-based financial services professional body and qualifications provider

Consulted on and drew up statement of principles for best practice Chief Executive performance appraisal. Devised methodology and format for annual appraisals for adoption by the board.

Major UK leisure industry trade association

Advised the chair and board on all aspects of an internal Chief Executive succession plan, including drafting a revised job description; advising on related senior management team changes; drew up format for interviews and additional psychometric evaluation; and developed a formal ‘on-boarding’ process.

National business lobbying and accreditation body

On behalf of the board, researched and made recommendations on the principles and possible cost and reputational consequences of introducing remuneration for previously unremunerated non-executive board members.

International accountancy professional body

Advised the board on contingency arrangements for planned and unplanned Chief Executive departure and succession. Drafted procedures which were incorporated into formal board policy.


High-profile national lobbying and membership organisation

Conducted a corporate governance review and governance diagnostic to identify relevant compliance and best practice issues. Set priorities for structural changes, improved policies and procedures and board development for implementation by the board.

"Thank you for facilitating the event. Your contribution was the primary reason for the day being the success that it was." 


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