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Executive search

Executive search demands a deep understanding of the requirement and a refusal to rest until it has been fully met. Finding the right person for the right job brings certainty to an organisation’s leadership and substance to its strategy.


Our experience of executive and non-executive appointments spans different continents, markets and leadership functions. We have also worked across different legislative and governance regimes, and have recruited for public and private companies, partnerships and public bodies, ranging from start-ups to well-established blue-chips.

And because no two situations are identical, no search is either. We go out of our way to listen carefully to your requirement, challenge where appropriate and respond with thoroughness, creativity and a real sense of urgency. We treat every assignment as distinct and are committed to a successful outcome based on a thorough understanding of the requirement, a rigorous and professional process and timely communication and project management.


Our style is that of a candid friend, eschewing jargon and platitudes for clear communication and realistic analysis. We are equally rigorous in the way we handle candidates, balancing respect for their aspirations with honest feedback and advice.


Our principal services include:

  • executive search

  • interim management

  • internal candidate assessment

  • research/market mapping

  • candidate due diligence and background checking

  • compensation consultancy

  • recruitment process design

  • candidate briefing and interview coaching

  • career transition advice and coaching

"... enjoyable and useful reports which gave us real insights into the shortlisted candidates."


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